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2019年2月17日 (日)

Rising Tide TC Release 2/パブリッシュ104(ライジング・タイド) - 第2回TC1リリース

UO公式 Rising Tide TC Release 2

Facebook広田剣 パブリッシュ104(ライジング・タイド) - 第2回TC1リリース



Rising Tide TC Release 2

Posted on February 15, 2019 by UO Dev Team



We are pleased to announce the next update to Test Center of Rising Tide will be available after 4pm ET!  This update focuses on a new event that will offer a chance to put those shiny new cannon mechanics to use!  Check out the publish notes for full details!

We would also like to invite everyone to participate in a public test event spanning the entirety of the weekend!  Visit the Britain Commons and look for Forksis the Gargish Pirate to learn more and participate!

Please also note ? if you plan to test anything on TC1, especially any cannon related changes and the event, you will need to patch up to get the latest client.  When you head back to production, you will see this updated client text ? do not be alarmed, this is normal and expected behavior.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team


パブリッシュ104(ライジング・タイド) - 第2回TC1リリース

出典: UO公式


テストセンターにライジング・タイドの2回目となるアップデートが、日本時間2月16日(土)6:00 a.m. 以降に導入されます! 今回は特に、ぴかぴかの新仕様の大砲を使用する機会を提供するイベントに重点を置いたアップデートとなります。パブリッシュノートはこちらから。


今週末一杯開催される公開テストイベントにもぜひお越しください。ブリタニア市民広場にいるForksis the Gargish Pirateを訪れて、詳細をご確認の上、ご参加ください!



UO チーム

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Lost Hope/失望の入江 - Lost Hope

UO公式 Lost Hope

Facebook広田剣 失望の入江 - Lost Hope


Lost Hope

Posted on February 15, 2019 by UO Dev Team


The story continues in the lead up to Rising Tide and we invite you to sit back and enjoy, Lost Hope.

By EM Malachi

Many years ago…

The rowboat leaked. With soggy boots, Lassorn spent each trip out to the anchored HMS Cape bailing water. They had drawn straws to see who would have to make the slog, and Lassorn now had to make eight trips across Lost Hope Bay to Minoc and back to the ship.

If the sailor’s orders hadn’t been specific, Lassorn might have been able to deliver the cargo in fewer circuits, but the contents of the crates were too valuable to risk. Lassorn had asked his captain what was in the crates, and he’d been told they were the final work of a famed artisan, a set of masterworks meant for the King himself.

A pair of guards, Madellene and Averill, escorted him from the Minoc coast to a small workshop. The door had been replaced recently, and the workshop inside was cluttered with tools, springs, gears, and other bits of metal. Piled in one corner were eight identical crates. Picking up the first one, Lassorn felt warmth and a sense of calm radiating from the container.

As Lassorn walked back to the rowboat, the locals nodded to him and shook their heads sadly. It seemed everyone in Minoc was wearing an orange-and-black ribbon. After each trip out to the Cape, the guards would meet him and take turns escorting him to the workshop and back. After a long day, the task was done.

As Lassorn went to his hammock, the evening watch weighed anchor and started the journey out of Lost Hope Bay. It was almost midnight when the HMS Cape reached the mouth of the bay, and the northern mountains blocked the moon. The ship had been moving at a good clip, when the winds suddenly stopped. The ship slowed, as if caught in a great net.

A crewman clanged the brass alarm bell, waking the captain and crew, while those on deck shined lanterns into the dark sea. The waters were filled with dozens of graceful shadows flitting back and forth. They had the elegant features of elves, but with gills and long fishtails.

“Mermaids!” shouted the botswain.

One of the creatures jumped aboard and pinned the sailor to the deck with a trident.  “We are the Nixies! You disrespect us at your peril!” More armed Nixies clambered up the hull, as a large wave deposited a gangling sea witch covered in slime onto the deck. The other nixies formed a phalanx around their leader, Sycorax.

The captain stepped forward with open hands, “This doesn’t have to lead to violence. Our King has made peace with the remaining fae folk.”

Sycorax sneered. “Did your king’s peace protect my sister, Noxum, when a net dragged her from the shoals off Skull Island? I claim your lives for hers.”

The captain gave Lassorn a look, and the young sailor dashed to protect the cargo in the hold. “Surely you know that wasn’t us. We can resolve this peacefully.”

The sea witch drew a blade made from broken shells and stabbed the captain in the throat. “There is your peace. A pact of blood for blood.”

Before the captain hit the deck, his crew had drawn their swords, and the two sides clashed. The sailors managed to force the other nixies back into the water, but Sycorax held her place. “I’d hoped to take some of you captive.”

With her gills luminescing with strange magic, the sea witch started to sing. Every barnacle on the hull burst forth from their shells in agony. This frantic wiggling tore apart the very timbers of the ship. The chant sounded over the waters, making the dark sea churn. A maelstrom began pulling the broken ship and its crew beneath the waves.

As the ship filled with water, Lassorn desperately cut the cargo net. The crates smashed open. The carved stones inside tumbled out eight different holes in the hull. The sailor took a deep breath as the dark ocean covered him.

When the mayhem ended and the waters calmed, Sycorax smiled and sank back into the waves.


失望の入江  Lost Hope
出典: UO公式

By EM Malachi









生き物のうち一匹が飛び上がって船に乗り込み、三叉槍で水夫を甲板にとめ付けた。「失礼ね! あたしたちはニクシーよ! いい度胸だこと!」さらに多くの武装したニクシーたちが船に乗り込み、ひときわ大きな波が粘着物で覆われたすらっとした海の魔女を甲板に運んだ。他のニクシーたちは彼女らのリーダー、サイコラックスを取り囲んだ。


サイコラックスは冷笑した。「あなたの王の言う平和とやらは、妹のノクサムがスカルアイランドで漁網に捕まって群れからはぐれた時、守ってくれた? 彼女のために、あなたたちの命をいただくわ。」







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2019年2月 7日 (木)

Publish 104 - Rising Tide/パブリッシュ104

UO公式 Publish 104 - Rising Tide

Facebook広田剣 パブリッシュ104(ライジング・タイド) - TC1リリース



Publish 104 - Rising Tide

Posted on February 6, 2019 by UO Dev Team

TC Release 1 - 2/6/2019

Visit the forums for discussion on these changes.

Veteran Rewards

・New veteran rewards have been added to the veteran reward system!
・Water Wheel - 10th Year
   ・House addon that can be placed on existing house addon water features, such as the koi pond
   ・Functions as a water source

・Tinker Bench - 7th Year
   ・ Power tool for tinkering that allows tinkering
   ・Stores up to 5000 charges

・Embroidery Tool - 5th Year
   ・Can be used to embroider clothing items
   ・Recharge via NPC tinkers

・Repair Bench - 5th Year
   ・House addon that can store and use repair deeds from all crafting systems
   ・Stores up to 500 charges per skill

・Statuettes - can be turned on & off by double clicking and play a sound when approached
   ・Krampus - 1st Year
   ・Khal Ankur - 2nd Year
   ・Krampus Minion - 3rd Year

Ship Cannon Crafting & Firing Update

・Harvesting saltpeter in Felucca now applies a 1000 point luck bonus where it previously did not.
・Alchemists who sell saltpeter have been added to the Moonglow & Britain docks.
・Match & Matchchord have been removed from alchemy crafting and are no longer needed in the cannon use process.
   ・The match can still be used to fire a cannon
   ・Match & match chord can be turned in for Cleanup Britannia points

・Crafting potash no longer requires water as an ingredient, instead crafters must be near a water source which includes  the water trough, water tub, water barrel, bucket of water, fountain of life, sinks, dragon tubs, dragon turtle fountains, koi ponds, and the water wheel.
・Potash now functions as a “make all” item and will craft as much as possible based on available ingredients.
・The following changes have been made to existing cannon resources,
   ・“light” and “heavy” powder charges are now simply “powder charge”
   ・“light” and “heavy” cannonballs are now simply “cannonball”
   ・“light” and “heavy” grapeshot is now simply “grapeshot”
   ・“light” and “heavy” frost and flame cannonballs are now simply “frost cannonball” and “flame cannonball”
   ・updated tileart for powder charge to make it more visually distinctive from cannonballs
   ・updated tileart for grapeshot to make it more visually distinctive from powder charges

・The following changes have been made to cannons & associated resources,
   ・ All existing cannons must be dismantled and replaced before use after Publish 104 is deployed.
   ・The “light cannon” is now known as “culverin”
   ・The “heavy cannon” is now known as “carronade”
   ・Polished art assets for cannons to make them more visually distinctive
   ・The metallic dyetub can now be used on placed cannons to hue them
   ・Cannons are now containers, resources for firing cannons can be placed inside them in what is referred to as the “magazine”

・The following changes have been made to the cannon firing process,
   ・ Cleaning a cannon is no longer required and the swab has been removed from tinkering.  Existing swabs can be turned in for Cleanup Britannia points.
   ・When double clicking a cannon the firing control has two options “PREP” and “FIRE”
     ・A player must be within 2 tiles to execute this action

・Place cannon firing resources inside the magazine and push the “PREP” button to begin the cannon firing process.  Resources will be taken from the magazine.
     ・Only 1 player may participate in preparing the cannon for firing.

・Cannons will automatically move through each step in the “PREP” process so long as resources are present in the magazine.
     ・This process will continue so long as the player is present on the ship, if the player leaves the ship the process will pause.

・Cannons can now be fired with a match or a torch, as such torches will no longer auto-douse when placed in the backpack.

Note: These changes are still in active development for balance based on damage and the amount of resources required compared to the reward for engaging in ship content, as well as damage output.  Be sure to visit TC1 during play sessions to give feedback!

New Item Property - Last Parry Chance

・When players parry any attack with a shield or weapon it will now display the last parry chance % on the item.

Bug Fixes

・The interior decorator will no longer allow players to increase “house only” tiles pass their height restrictions.
・Reduced lag within the Despise champion spawn.

Classic Client -

・Removed snow.
・Updated CliLocs.
・Classic client crash fixes.
・Added new large container gumps for barrels, drawers, armoires, and bookcases.
・Added “Enable Legible Journal” option to the Classic Client under the display menu which makes any new journal text more legible.
・Resolved issue with house placement in the Classic Client being centered relative to the play window rather than the cursor.

Enchanced Client -

・Removed snow.
・Updated CliLocs.
・Enhanced client crash fixes.


パブリッシュ104(ライジング・タイド) - TC1リリース

出典: UO公式


日本時間2月7日(木)5:00 a.m. 以降、TC1に“未踏の航路”コンテンツの追加を含むパブリッシュ104(ライジング・タイド)が導入されます。また長期報奨、大砲に関する生産や操作のアップデート、たくさんのバグフィックスも導入されます! パブリッシュノートはこちらから。

※ 日本語訳は記事最下部をご覧ください。




UO チーム


TC1リリース – 2/6/2019


- 新長期報奨が追加されました!
- 水車(10年)

- 細工作業台(7年)

- 刺繍ツール(5年)

- 修理台(5年)

- スタチュー
・Krampus 像(1年)
・Khal Ankur 像(2年)
・Krampus Minion 像(3年)


- フェルッカでの硝石の採集は、1000相当の幸運が適用されるようになります。
- 硝石を販売するアルケミストが、ムーングロウとブリテインの港に追加されました。
- マッチ(Match)と火縄(Matchchord)は錬金術の生産メニューから削除されました。これらは大砲の砲撃プロセスには必要がなくなります。
- カリウム(Potash)の生産に水は必要なくなります。その代わり、水桶、水樽、水の入ったバケツ、生命の泉、シンク、ドラゴンシンク、ドラゴンタートルの噴水、鯉の池、水車などの水源の近くにいることが必要になります。
- カリウム(Potash)は“すべての材料を使用”して生産可能なアイテムの対象となります。
- 砲撃用の素材について、下記の変更が追加されています。
- 大砲とその材料について、下記の変更が追加されています。
- 砲撃プロセスに下記の変更が追加されました。
  * 操作を行うには、プレーヤーは大砲から2タイル以内の範囲にいなければなりません。
  * 大砲の操作プロセスに参加できるのは一人のプレーヤーだけです。
  * このプロセスはプレーヤーが船の上にいれば継続します。船の上から立ち去ると中断されます。

注意: これらの変更はまだ開発段階にあり、ダメージやリソースの消費量と、得られる報酬とのバランスを引き続き考慮する必要があります。ぜひTC1にてフィードバックをお寄せください!

■新アイテムプロパティ - Last Parry Chanceの追加

- 盾や武器による受け流しが発動した場合、最後の受け流しチャンスがパーセンテージで表示されるようになります。


- インテリアデコレーターは屋内限定タイルを高さの上限を超えて設置させることはできなくなります。
- デスパイスダンジョンのチャンプスポーンのラグを軽減しました。

■クラッシッククライアント -

- 雪景色を終了。
- クリロックのアップデート。
- クライアントクラッシュの修正。
- 樽、引き出し、本棚にも大きなコンテナ表示を追加。
- “簡易ジャーナル”を追加。ジャーナルテキストが読みやすくなります。
- 家を設置する際に、カーソルではなくプレーヤーのウィンドウに中心点が依存していた問題を修正。

■エンハンスドクライアント -

- 雪景色を終了。
- クリロックのアップデート。
- クライアントクラッシュの修正。

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2019年1月24日 (木)

Publish 104 Castle Design Contest Important Dates/パブリッシュ104 - 城のカスタマイズコンテスト日程のご案内

UO公式 Publish 104 Castle Design Contest Important Dates

Facebook広田剣 パブリッシュ104 - 城のカスタマイズコンテスト日程のご案内



Publish 104 Castle Design Contest Important Dates

Posted on January 23, 2019 by UO Dev Team



Please take note of the following important dates as they relate to the Publish 104 Castle contest.

Contest Started/Signup - Friday, January 18, 2019 9:13:01 AM GMT-05:00

First Vote Begins - Friday, February 1, 2019 9:19:41 AM GMT-05:00

Second Vote Begins - Friday, February 8, 2019 9:19:41 AM GMT-05:00

Vote Tally - Monday, February 11, 2019 9:19:41 AM GMT-05:00

We look forward to seeing many great designs this time around!

See you in Britannia,

UO Team


パブリッシュ104 - 城のカスタマイズコンテスト日程のご案内

出典: UO公式


コンテスト受付開始、申込み - 日本時間1月18日(金)23:13~

第1回投票 – 日本時間2月1日(金)23:19~

第2回(最終)投票 - 日本時間2月8日(金)23:19~

開票 – 日本時間2月11日(月)23:19~



UO チーム

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